Construction Engineering Career Opportunities

As a graduate of our ConE program you are prepared to enter the workplace with the skills required to engineering a wide array of construction projects in highway and heavy construction, mechanical and electrical construction, as well as the knowledge and understanding to oversee construction finances and construction marketing.

Here is how our ConE specialties give you a career edge.

Structural Design
Nature First Heavy Construction

Design for Optimal Results

The future of construction requires environmental consciousness. Construction engineers must minimize their impact on the natural world during all phases of the construction process.They maximize energy efficiency, reduce construction waste, and mitigate environmental impacts.

Process Design &Simulation
Process Design &Simulation

Build with Nature in Mind

Infrastructure projects must be designed to maximize benefits at minimum cost. Construction engineers use the latest computing technologies such as simulation, animation, visualization, and collaborative environments to achieve these goals. They determine the processes and techniques needed to creatively transform a big idea into reality.

Life Cycle Costing
Life Cycle Costing

A Lifetime Project

Construction engineers analyze the financial impact of materials and methods over the life of a structure. This analysis—known as life cycle costing—helps minimize cost. Although the initial expense could be higher under this approach, the savings over the project's lifetime more than compensate for this additional investment.

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