What Makes Us Special

The Durham School is located in the hub of the architectural engineering and construction industry, home to several of the largest companies in the country. Our close relationships with both small businesses and large corporations ensure students can choose from a wealth of internship and career placement opportunities.

A Success Story: Clayton Miller, Architectural Engineering Alum, 2007

Clayton MillerClayton Miller understands the advantage the Durham School’s comprehensive architectural engineering program has given him—it shows in his career. Co-Founder of Optiras Pte. Ltd., Clayton oversees the development of a software toolkit that energy managers use to improve existing building performance. Thanks to the unique, integrated structure of the Durham School, Clayton can speak directly with lighting designers, acoustic consultants, contractors, architects and other professionals. “I can now turn my attention to other fields, such as information technology and data analysis, rather than the basics of the construction industry.” Clayton’s experience at the Durham School taught him the entrepreneurial and sustainability skills needed to thrive in a changing world.

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