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Engineering: Current Undergraduate Students

Academic Success Resource Centers, Counseling

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - University Health Center, Room 213 - 472.7450

General Student Services
Whether you're a freshman, a transfer student or a fifth-year senior, your experience at UNL will take you far beyond the classroom. The university offers many services to support you academically, socially and physically.

Math Resource Center - 13B Avery Hall
The Math Resource Center is the primary facility for undergraduate students who have questions related to any pre-calculus or calculus course offered by the department. Students may ask for assistance with the following Math courses: 100A, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 107.

Chemistry Resource Room - 228 Hamilton Hall - 472.3514
Where all students in chemistry courses can come to study and receive one-on-one help from teaching assistants. Faculty and staff are also often available to help. The resource room website also offers multiple years of old chemistry exams for courses offered by department.

Computer Science and Engineering Resource Center - 13A Avery Hall
Helps resolve issues such as login and password problems, printer problems, general application support and help with CSCE courses.

Writing Assistance Center - 129 Andrews Hall, 119 Sandoz Hall, First floor Smith Hall - 472-8803
Assistance in any stage of the writing process: exploring ideas and getting started, drafting, rewriting, revising, documenting and citing sources, and editing strategies. We work with writers from any discipline (not just English). Helps with letters of application, resumes and cover letters, business writing, and creative writing. While it is not a "proofreading" service, it can help you achieve better writing success.

Career Exploration - Want help finding the perfect career for you? Meet with a counselor or take an online interest assessment.

Language Resources - Help is available for any language taught on campus.