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Nebraska Engineering Study Abroad goes to Greece

The UNL College of Engineering's Study Abroad trip to Greece was worth the wait. Originally scheduled for winter break, to depart Nebraska in late December 2008, the two-week trip was postponed to Spring Break 2009 in March due to political protests in Athens that caused safety concerns.

The delay required extra flexibility from the college's Study Abroad staff, as well as the student travelers and their leader, Dean David Allen. Finally on their way, the group-especially Dr. Allen-agreed it was one of the college's best study abroad trips so far.

In April, the dean hosted a reunion for the trip participants, which gathered laughter and memories from the experience. For many of the Nebraska travelers, the first full day at the Acropolis was when they realized they were on an amazing adventure. As they journeyed to the Greek isles, Dr. Allen added insights about ancient engineering at bridges, domed tombs, plinths and corbelled arches along the way; the archeological site at Mycenae was a favorite.

A dinner with Greek dancing inspired the group to spontaneous shouts of "Opaaaa!" and the Greek landscape also impressed-from a sunset in volcanic Santorini to the "mountains that wanted to take off" with windmills on top. Kyle Stukenholtz, a junior who majors in civil engineering, said his most memorable moment on the trip was running a lap in the original Olympic stadium: complete with thunderbolts from the ancient gods (or an impromptu rainstorm).

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