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UNL Teams Place Among Top 10 in Regional Programming Contest

Three University of Nebraska-Lincoln teams placed in the top 10 regionally at the Association for Computer Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest held Saturday on UNL's city campus. Forty-five teams (featuring three students each) from a five-state region participated in the "Battle of the Brains" contest, which consisted of a five-hour programming exercise.

At this regional contest, UNL teams placed second, third, sixth, 14th and 30th. First place went to a team from Iowa State University, which solved seven problems in 1,222 minutes. The all-senior UNL "Go Big Red!" team finished seven problems in 1,349 minutes. The fourth place sophomore UNL "Incendiary Pigs" team solved six problems in 1,112 minutes.

This contest was one of 16 sites across five states and two Canadian provinces. For the entire region, UNL placed fourth, sixth, 15th, 29th, 35th and 89th out of 210 participating teams.

The top school in the region, University of Wisconsin-Madison (which solved eight problems in 1,154 minutes), is guaranteed an invitation to the upcoming world finals. Additional teams from the region may be invited as wild cards.

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