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Employees Honored for Dedication

Fifty-two College of Engineering faculty and staff will be honored for their service to the university during a ceremony today at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. These employees reached a service anniversary in 2006.

30 Years of Service-Gary DeBerg, Biological Systems Engineering; William Holmes, Construction Systems; Keith Pedersen, Construction Systems; Roger Sash, Computer and Electronics Engineering; Rodney Soukup, Electrical Engineering

25 Years of Service-Jitender Deogun, Computer Science and Engineering; Lorene Goracke, Construction Management; Natale Ianno, Electrical Engineering; Paul Jasa, Biological Systems Engineering

20 Years of Service-John Paul Barton, Mechanical Engineering; Marquetta Kinnamon, Dean's Office-Omaha; James McManis, Engineering Research Center; Avery Schwer, Construction Systems; Hamid Sharif-Kashani, Computer and Electronics Engineering

15 Years of Service-Edward Terence Foster, Construction Systems; Sally Hawkins, Computer Science and Engineering; John Hudgens, College of Engineering; Hong Jiang, Computer Science and Engineering; Hossein Noureddini, Chemical Engineering; Terry Stentz, Construction Management; Wayne Woldt, Biological Systems Engineering

10 Years of Service-Virginia Baird, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering; Charles Berryman, Construction Management; Arlys Blakey, Civil Engineering; Amy Fisher, Engineering Mechanics; Elizabeth Jones, Civil Engineering; Lim Nguyen, Computer and Electronics Engineering; Lance Perez, Electrical Engineering; Cho Wing To, Mechanical Engineering; Christopher Tuan, Civil Engineering; Jeffrey Wiese, Business Office.

5 Years of Service-Chad Andersen, Chemical Engineering; Richard Barent, Chemical Engineering; Ardis Barthuli, Chemical Engineering; Florin Bobaru, Engineering Mechanics; Garret Coffman, Biological Systems Engineering; Tricia Fenster, Dean's Office; Bruce Fischer, Construction Management; Mark Gouthro, Chemical Engineering; John Harms, Chemical Engineering; Wayne Jensen, Construction Management; Christopher Kearns, Chemical Engineering; Donald Nelson, Chemical Engineering; Jeffrey Shield, Mechanical Engineering; Monte Shomaker, Biological Systems Engineering; Jayanta Sinha, Chemical Engineering; Leen-Kiat Soh, Computer Science and Engineering; Richard Stowell, Biological Systems Engineering; Anu Subramanian, Chemical Engineering; Stephen Swanson, Chemical Engineering; Vinodchandran Variyam, Computer Science and Engineering; Xinwei Wang, Mechanical Engineering


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