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Civil Engineering

Undergraduate Program in Civil Engineering


Learn more about earning your undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. We offer programs on the college's campuses in Lincoln and Omaha.

The first two years of the civil engineering curriculum are designed to broaden the student's knowledge in advanced mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering statics and dynamics and computer programming. The final two years are primarily directed toward developing an understanding of the primary areas of civil engineering and associated design principles. In the senior year, students are encouraged to select some higher level courses in their area(s) of special interest.

Senior students also participate in design projects designed to apply engineering principles on open-ended projects and to introduce students to consulting engineering. Since most civil engineering projects involve working with the public, it is essential that the engineer develop communication skills and an understanding of humanities and social studies. As a result, the undergraduate program includes courses in these areas.

The General Educational Objectives of the Civil Engineering undergraduate program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are to prepare our graduates to:

  • Successfully obtain employment in their areas of expertise in the public or private sectors;
  • Understand the ethical and professional demands of contemporary civil engineering practice;
  • Successfully enroll in graduate engineering or other professional programs;
  • Understand the necessity of teamwork in engineering practice;
  • Be able to communicate effectively in professional settings;
  • Understand and be able to account for the effects of their professional decisions on the quality of life and the environment;
  • Successfully pursue professional licensure, and
  • Continue to seek further education in a process of lifelong learning.

The B.S. degree in Civil Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Undergraduate Students Undergraduate Enrollment
(Fall 2013)
Degrees Awarded
Civil Engineering (Lincoln) 251 46
Civil Engineering (Omaha) 213 44


  • Andrew Loseke
    Administrative Technician - Lincoln
    N104 SEC-LINK