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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Committees

The following lists committee and advising responsibilities in the Department of Civil Engineering for 2013-14. This list does not include any service provided by the faculty for college, university or national committees or any other professional service activities.

Continuous Improvement Committee

(Admiraal-Chair, Schurr, Stansbury)

Graduate Committee

Chair: Bartelt-Hunt
Environmental: Bartelt-Hunt, Term ends - Spring 2014
Geotechnical: Szerszen, Term ends - Spring 2014
Structures: Steelman, Term ends - Spring 2016
Transportation: Jones, Term ends - Spring 2015
Water Resources: Yusong Li, Term ends - Spring 2016

Planning Committee

(Rilett-Chair, Admiraal, Kim, Tuan, Zhang)

Curriculum Committee

(Rohde-Chair, Admiraal, Bartelt-Hunt, Khattak, Krause)

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Chair: Dahab –Term ends - Spring 2015
Tuan – Term Ends – Spring 2016
Zhang - Term ends - Spring 2014
Bartelt-Hunt - Term ends – Spring 2016
Khattak- Term ends – Spring 2016

Equipment and Space Committee

Lincoln (Szerszen-Chair, Yusong Li, Xu Li, Khattak, Steelman)
Omaha (Guo-Chair, Krause, Moussavi, Rohde, Zhang)

Undergraduate Student Advising Committee

Lincoln (Schurr)
Omaha (Krause)

Master's Program in Environmental Engineering Committee

(Dvorak-Chair, Xu Li, Comfort – SNR, Hendrix – ChemE, Schulte – BSEN, Exofficio – Bartelt-Hunt)

Department Website Committee

(Sharma – Chair, Xu Li, Wood)

Honors and Awards Committee

(Stansbury-Chair, Yusong Li, Moussavi, Kim)



Social Events Committee

(Dvorak-Chair, Bartelt-Hunt, Linzell, Brajic, Blakey, Loseke)

Faculty Senate Reps

M. Dahab – term ends Spring 2014; Y. Kim – term ends Spring 2014

Advisers to University Recognized Student Chapters

  • ASCE – Lincoln: Admiraal
  • ASCE – Omaha: Moussavi
  • AWWA/WEF: Xu Li
  • Chi Epsilon – Lincoln: Sharma
  • Chi Epsilon – Omaha: Bartelt-Hunt
  • Engineers without Borders: Bartelt-Hunt, Jones
  • eSAB – Omaha: Krause
  • ITE: Khattak
  • SEAON: Krause

Department Administration