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Mechanical & Materials Engineering

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The UNL Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering provides quality educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students planning careers in mechanical engineering, engineering mechanics or allied fields.

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in mechanical engineering or allied fields in which the academic discipline serves as an educational base.

The B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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UNL Microgravity Team Surgical robot advances to reduced gravity testing
MME Professor Shane Farritor worked with UNMC surgeon Dmitry Oleynikov in developing a miniature robot to conduct emergency surgery on astronauts during extended space travel. The device will undergo reduced gravity testing according to reports from NASA 's Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop. MORE ...

SEE ALSO: Farritor and Oleynikov earn Innovation Development and Engagement Award (IDEA) from the University of Nebraska

UNL's 2014 team with NASA Microgravity University UNL Microgravity team will test robotic surgery with NASA

A Nebraska Engineering team will return for its seventh year with NASA’s Microgravity University in 2014, this time studying the effects of microgravity on robotic capsule endoscope (RCE) propulsion and tissue adhesion techniques in the small intestine. MORE ...

Dana Valish, who studied mechanical engineering and business at UNL, is part of the EC5 Space Suit and Crew Survival Systems group, a Johnson Space Center team at NASA's Johnson Space Center

NASA space suit redesign team includes UNL MME alumnus

Dana Valish, who earned business and engineering degrees from UNL, is part of the EC5 Space Suit and Crew Survival Systems group, a Johnson Space Center team developing the Z-2, NASA's newest prototype spacesuit. MORE

UNL MME Assistant Professor Ben Terry co-develops 'third lung' technology using microbubbles

Terry co-develops "third lung" with oxygen delivery via microbubbles

The Jan. 15 edition of Biomaterials reports research by UNL’s Ben Terry, assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering, and Mark Borden, CU associate professor of mechanical engineering, on microbubbles that deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide through the body's peritoneal cavity.

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